Athena Panini

I had to think of a fancy name for my absolute favorite sandwich of the moment. It’s essentially a Medittaranean sandwich, made with creamy goat cheese and marinated veggies.

I recently invested in a great little panini griddle, and I use it all the time because my daughter is obsessed with grilled sandwiches. But, I wanted to create a healthy vegetarian panini, which isn’t always easy because you obviously don’t want to fill a warm sandwich with lettuce or cucumber. However, marinated veggies are perfect in a panini.

I used a really creamy goat cheese (I only eat goat and sheep cheeses because they are easier to digest,) and I used marinated red bell peppers and marinated artichokes. I sometimes add pitted and halved black olives, too.

They key is really good bread. For this sandwich, I used an amazing Olive Sourdough loaf. I also slather the outside of the bread (the side that comes into contact with the griddle,) with olive oil.

I served my sandwich with a lightly dressed spinach salad.